Feel heaven on earth with World’s best Wonders


There is one way one can feel heaven on this earth by feeling the immense turnaround in the technology world and upcoming wonders which can refresh your mind and body too! Aha absolutely everyone knows how dramatically the Mobile World has changed and the proportion of our time spent by us on these wonders indeed! Who would have thought off that one day we will be able to communicate via Mobile phones in such a flexible manner by wearing it as a bracelet or may be you want to wear it in your charming wrist.

Jabra BT250v

Nokia Morph has certainly brought a revolution in the mobile world by its excellence in flexibility, charisma and fantastic nano technology. Nano Technology started with gadgets like air conditioners, refrigerators and now it did come up in the mobile world as well. Another on the list is the latest Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber Shot Mobile wonder bestowed with a high-quality and a whooping 8.1 megapixel camera. You feel as if you are holding more than a mere digital camera with you and the result of the photographs can surely surprise you like anything. Enjoying your wonderful moments has never been so majestic as with this Mobile wonder indeed!

Sony Ericsson C905

Let’s move on with the wireless world too which is changing at a rate faster than the Ferrari Car! Sounds like an exaggeration but so it be. Carkits have made possible the “Handsfree” era and made life comfortable to the extent never felt before. Parrot CK3100 and Motorola T505 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone stand as live examples with ease to use and operate. Take and make calls hands-free and listen to your tunes with features like echo/noise reduction and Audio CallerID. Portable and powerful, Bluetooth Carkits have been magnificient in bringing a change around in the wireless world.

Parrot CK3100

Not only Bluetooth Carkits but Bluetooth headsets too have advanced a lot augmenting the significance of using handsfree technology. These headsets have made the life of drivers easier and convenient more than ever! Jabra BT250v, Parrot Driver Bluetooth headset are automatic headsets with features like Volume adjustment via two buttons, LED for incoming calls, Bluecore 3 processor and HFPRange up to 10 metres. Also they are very light-weight and easy to wear and operate.

Jabra BT250v

Jabra BT250v

What about GPS(Glocal Positioning System) where does that come from? GPS have also gained tremendous popularity in almost all parts of the globe with technology advancing at a rate never thought about! The X700 GPS is a slim and a alluring GPS and Finedrive introduced it just a few days back in South Korea. Like every other Finedrive In-Car GPS Navigation X700 GPS also offers you precise knowledge of your position wherever you may be, and automatically determines the ideal route to your destination. FineDrive combines the most advanced features of satellite positioning technology with a digital roadmap reader. Its versatility, sturdiness, precision, simplicity of installation and extensive maps make it a useful device for even the most demanding of drivers.

Knight Rider GPS

With Mobile phones transforming like never before Mobile accessories too are showing their competence. Who would have thought off charging their mobile phones in the car without the general charger or Who would have thought off Cases that ensure amazing protection? But today in this heaven world this is a reality indeed! This is no more a fantasy but a real, dynamic and a powerful magic world for you!

The need of entertainment via wonderful and exceptional videos, tracks and movies have augmented at a tremendous level. With this has the significance of Memory Cards too have augmented tremendously. Memory Cards initially started with a limited room of storage capacity for your multimedia content and songs but as the time passed by Memory cards have been outstanding in meeting the growing demands of storing more of everyone throughout the world. Sandisk has been the frontrunner in this particular segment with coming up with Trans/Flash and Micro SD HC cards consistently.

Here is a list of 15 Magical wonders in this advanced heaven on earth world:

1. Nokia N95 8GB-Mobile Phones.

2. Nokia Morph-Mobile Phones.

3. Sony Ericsson C905-Mobile Phones.

4. Sony Ericsson G900-Mobile Phones.

5. Google Android-Mobile Phones.

6. Parrot CK 3100-Carkits.

7. Motorola T505-Carkits.

8. Sun Visor Sigma with Caller ID-Carkits.

9. Jabra BT250v-Bluetooth Headsets.

10. Nokia BH-200-Bluetooth Headsets.

11. Parrot Driver-Bluetooth Headsets.

12. Finedrive X700-GPS.

13. Knight Rider-GPS.

14. Sandisk 8GB Trans/Flash-Memory Cards.

15. Original Nokia 8GB microSDHC Card MU-43-Memory Cards.

Feel the bliss of this magical heaven with this extra-ordinary and never imagined wonders. Step out of your mediocre nature and dare to think beyond your imagination!


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