Parrot Bluetooth handsfree car kits-Excellence is effortless


We all know that Parrot, the French company has become one of Europe’s frontrunners in the development and manufacture of Bluetooth® technology products related to mobile phone communications systems. Parrot Bluetooth has now consistently been offering one of the widest range of Bluetooth® handsfree kits in the market and works closely with many car manufacturers and suppliers.

Handsfree Car kits have gained immense popularity all across the globe especially with mobile phone driving bans being implemented in most of the countries recently. Parrot Bluetooth hansfree car kits are very east to operate as all one needs to do is simply plug the car kit into the cigaratte lighter.

The most successful handsfree car kit has been the Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Advanced Car kit in the recent past and I think it deserves that honour for sure indeed! The Bluetooth Parrot CK3100 and its Handsfree Console is an upgraded version of the older Parrot CK3000 bit now offers the facility to provide drivers with visual information and functions that they routinely use from their personal phone. The display on the Parrot CK3100 will show the phonebook and call ID information when a call is received (for compatible handsets).

Following are the three best reasons which makes Parrot Bluetooth Car kits as the best handsfree option in the world:

Echo Cancellation

Echo cancellation developed by Parrot provides clarity and definition of conversations never experienced before. This ensures that your conversation is at its best by eliminating the background noise and echo for you!


The Parrot car kits automatically synchronises via Bluetooth its contact list with your mobile phone book: contacts names, phone number and even your contacts pictures (ID) will be displayed on the full colour screen when you receive a call.

Comfort with LCD

The best thing about Parrot Bluetooth kits is that your mobile phone stays in your pocket, and all your conversations are transmitted to the cars’ speakers for premium listening comfort! Also the Superior user interface with LCD display makes your job easier than before!


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