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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 which truly is an epitome of excellence in mobile technology was rumoured to hit the UK markets in late October. Hang on according to the official sony ericsson webpage the first Windows Mobile smartphone will make you wait for a little longer time indeed! The scuttlebutt at IFA is that the […]

Bluetooth dongle is a wonderful device for hassle free charging and wireless connectivity. The axiom small yet powerful applies to this technology. Well Jabra A320 bluetooth Dongle like every dongle provides instant Bluetooth connectivity to your PC so you can connect wirelessly with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as headsets, mobile phones, cameras and printers. […]

Well small and compact design is the need of an hour and that’s what Danish company NextLink have done with its Invisio G5 claimed to be the world’s smallest Bluetooth headsets. The bluetooth headset is so tiny that hardly anyone can observe that you are wearing one on your ear and yet it manages to […]

Nokia N96 has been quite consistent in making a tremendous buzz in different parts of the world now. Few days back it was unveiled in India and now it moves towards North America indeed! All the high-end smartphone fans that were waiting desperately for N96 will finally be relieved after the news came in yesterday. […]

Nokia has not only been phenomenal in manufacturing outstanding smartphones but also in keeping up the promises which it makes. Yes Nokia has fulfilled its promise by bringing two nseries niche phones namely N79 and N85 in UK which it claimed earlier this month. Nokia N85 – a flagship model will oust the Nokia N81 […]

With Jabra bluetooth headsets you never actually feel that you are wearing anything in your ear and conversation moves on in an impeccable manner. Well this time round it’s behind-the-ear wearing style headset that provides the most comfortable and stable fit of them all. For all-day talk, the Jabra BT2020 offers the comfort and stability […]

Many people still are unaware about the usage of bluetooth dongle in the technology world. Well The term was originally used as a slang for a “hardware key.” Today, the term is often used to refer to any small adapter that has a short cable with connectors at both ends. Nano USB Bluetooth Dongle is […]