Parrot Driver Bluetooth Headset-Feel safe and secure


Bluetooth Headsets have gained wide popularity especially with mobile driving bans being introduced in various countries. So it’s probably the best time to have one for ensurng safe driving indeed! One again Parrot Bluetooth, the best of all the players in the wireless solutions comes into the picture and this time round it’s Parrot Driver Bluetooth Headset.


The Parrot Driver Headset consists of two parts: headset, and a car charger that must be plugged into the lighter to use the vehicle as a power source. The headset looks pretty stylish in the black glossy design indeed!

Always charged and ready to go

The originality of the Parrot headset lies in its combined cradle that plugs into the 12 V cigar lighter. The cradle is used to both recharge and hold the headset when not in use. The long-life 90 mA battery is therefore always charged.

Hands-free headset kit

Once the kit has been paired with your Bluetooth® phone, the cradle reacts to the slightest incoming call and notifies the driver by sounding a ringtone. Answer the call by pressing lightly on the headset to unclip it from the cradle: the call is established so chat away!

Ergonomic and effective

The Parrot headset has been specifically designed for in-car use and does away with the conventional headband and sidepiece, which tend to get in the way when driving. It fits naturally into the auditory canal. The headset weighs a mere 14 grams and offers 5 hours’ talk time on a full charge.

Compatible with all Bluetooth® phones

The Parrot Driver Headset features a built-in Bluecore 3 processor and offers complete compatibility with all the Bluetooth® phones on the market.

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