Jabra bt250v bluetooth headset-best in the business


When it comes to bluetooth headset Jabra, a frontrunner in providing excellent headsets always comes into the picture. One particular headset which has been the most popular of all times is Jabra bt250v. The Jabra BT250v builds on the award-winning design of the Jabra bt250v and comes in a distinctive new sleek black look to stand out whatever the occasion and whatever your mobile phone be indeed!

There is no doubt that handsfree headsets have become one of the most sought after wireless solutions because of a plethora of effective reasons. Let’s review some of the outstanding aspects of Jabra bt250v in detail:

Unbelievable Design

The design of Jabra bt250v headset has been exceptional. The soft elastomer body and contoured shape of the Jabra BT250v allow it to fit securely behind your ear. It is having distinctive gloss black styling which is comfortable and secure fit. The docking cradle can be equipped with a belt clip to transform it into a convenient holder for the BT250V. What’s more the BT250V is so light that after a few minutes of using it, you will not even notice that it is on your ear ensuring excellent performance.

Vibrating call alert

This is one of the best aspect of this headset. Incoming calls are signalled by a silent vibrating call alert which combined with the distinctive design makes this a truly standout headset. The BT250V features a Vibration Ring feature which is works well and is great when the BT250V is in a pocket or purse. Vibrating call alert feature silently signifies an incoming call.

Superior sound at both ends of the call

The BT250v reduces sound distortions while the unidirectional microphone amplifies your voice and reduces background noise. Jabra’s patented MiniGel™ channels sound directly into your ear, providing excellent sound quality.

Numerous Accolades

The Jabra BT250v won the T3 Gold Award in the UK and Denmark receiving the maximum 5 stars. Also it has been conferred the AutoExpress Product Honours for hands- free mobile phone calls in the car.

Sound Wrap-up

BT250V is all about rich performance and the major features which make this headset praiseworthy are

  • Distinctive glossy black styling.
  • Silent vibrating alert.
  • Superior audio quality.
  • Up to 10 hours talk time.
  • Up to 300 hours standby time.
  • Supports advanced features like voice dialing.


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