Parrot PMK5800 Bluetooth-best music hands free kits


Parrot bluetooth hands free solutions always ensure that they are designed beautifully in such a manner that they become very easy to use and operate. With the Parrot PMK5800 too you can explore the world of entertainment along with a healthy conversation. You can either play your favourite tracks with Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) device or any audio player connected to the kit via the connection cable supplied. This makes Parrot PMK5800 one of the best music hands free kits in the market today. Here are some of the fabulous aspects of this kit:

Portable hands-free kit

The Parrot PMK5800 Bluetooth hands-free kit plugs into the 12V cigar lighter and pairs with your Bluetooth mobile phone quite flawlessly thereby connecting the PMK5800 speakerphone automatically with to your phone. In the blink of an eye, you can make and receive calls in full duplex while leaving your phone in your pocket or bag.

Dual advantage

The Parrot PMK5800 has the dual advantage of being compact and portable, and capable of delivering voice and music over the vehicle’s speakers. It contains a high-quality FM stereo transmitter that faithfully retransmits calls and music to the car stereo.

Parrot exceptional sound quality

As we know with parrot bluetooth you are rest assured about the level of excellence in the audio quality. Parrot PMK5800 too incorporates Parrot’s very latest noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies. Sound quality is flawless, whether for phone calls or when listening to your music. The built-in microphone is combined with a specific software program that captures your voice wherever it is coming from and filters out surrounding background noise. The FM stereo transmitter of the Parrot PMK5800 speakerphone assures a perfect link between the Bluetooth hands-free kit and the car stereo without any interference or irritating unwanted background noise.

Built-in voice recognition

The Parrot PMK5800 speakerphone uses its own voice recognition software and also you can quickly and safely access your main contacts by saying their names (up to 150 contacts per phone).

Shake your body and mood

As said earlier parrot PMK 5800 will compel you to shake your body and freshen up your mood with amazing music tracks. Truly one of the best music hands free kits.

For technical specs on Parrot PMK 5800 as well


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