Jabra A320 Bluetooth Dongle – Get acquainted with the latest technology


Bluetooth dongle is a wonderful device for hassle free charging and wireless connectivity. The axiom small yet powerful applies to this technology. Well Jabra A320 bluetooth Dongle like every dongle provides instant Bluetooth connectivity to your PC so you can connect wirelessly with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as headsets, mobile phones, cameras and printers.

What’s more Jabra A320s is a Class 1 Bluetooth product with a range of up to 100 metres* and exceptional stereo audio quality.

Enjoy Music

The embedded stereo profiles in the Jabra A320s make it perfect for listening to music on Bluetooth stereo headsets. So get ready to rock and enjoy hi-fi quality sound without the hassle of wires – and of course without disturbing anyone around you.

Useful Applications

VoIP via your Bluetooth headset and transfer pictures and files – it’s as simple as that! With the Jabra A320s, you can take advantage of the growing number of VoIP (Internet phoning) services. By connecting your now Bluetooth enabled PC to your Bluetooth headset, you can enjoy wireless conversations all day long. You can also transfer files and pictures as well as synchronize data including calendar and contact updates.

Revolutionize your mobile lifestyle. For more on Jabra A320s


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