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Gear4 BluEye is a special accessory meant for all the ipod users as it helps in providing endless connection between your mobile phone and your music gadget namely ipod. With Bluetooth remote control headphone system you can listen and enjoy your kind of tunes, make and receive calls and also you can listen radio. What’s […]

The Korean giant has not only succeeded in bringing some of the world’s most wonderful smartphones like Xperia X1 but also has been making a buzz when it comes to Bluetooth enabled watches. With MBW-150 men’s line up watches it has now followed with the new MBW-200 watch making justice towards the fairer sex as […]

In this fast moving era everyone wants information at a very fast rate indeed! Transferring data, content and many other applications in seconds is no more a fantasy as inventions like Bluetooth Dongle keep on flourishing and updating almost daily. One such dongle device is the beautifully designed Belkin Bluetooth V2.0 USB Adapter. This aesthetically […]

Google undoubtedly the world’s best search engine has much more up its sleeve to offer. Yesterday was a big day for Google as along with HTC it launched the much anticipated T-Mobile Dream G1 smartphone. It becomes the first commercial phone ever which is powered by Google’s Android and built by HTC while commercialized by […]

The new Aliph Jawbone bluetooth headset takes you a giant leap forward in the world of humanistic design by blending design with amazing class noise elimination science in the best manner. It features military-grade NoiseAssassin technology which eliminates all the surrounding noises such as busy streets, cars and airports, and blocks out up to ten […]

We all are very well conversant about the exceptional capabilities of TomTom GPS Receiver. GPS receiver utilizes Bluetooth technology pretty smartly purging the need for connecting messy cables, and a high performance GPS antenna ensuring the best possible reception wherever you go indeed! TomTom Bluetooth GPS Receiver is such high quality receiver suitable for use […]

Parrot Bluetooth first introduced Parrot 3200 Color hands free kit – the first one with a color LCD display which has resulted a great response from the audiences. After all you can also customize your display portion by bringing in your favourite color wallpapers and ringtones as well. But there was something more to come […]