Parrot RK8200 Car stereo and handsfree carkit – Feel heaven in your Car!


Needless to say that in the past decade Parrot bluetooth has been impeccable with hands free devices. Well feel heaven in your car (not a fantasy) with this amazing Parrot RK8200 – an FM/AM/RDS car stereo featuring all the connections needed for digital and analog music. What’s more it’s not only just a car stereo but also a wonderful bluetooth hands free car kit capable of handling sophisticated hands – free calling functions. The vehicle speakers make the job (music and voice conversations) easier for you.

Array of wonderful choices in Digital Music

Parrot RK8200 provides users with an array of wonderful connection choices such as iPod connector, USB Flash drive port, USB MP3 player, SD card reader and a line-in socket for analog sources creating a wide aura of digital music possible. What’s more Parrot RK8200 also plays files sent by Bluetooth (compatible with Bluetooth stereo A2DP) from a Bluetooth mobile phone or player. Over 300 MP3 tracks can be stored in its internal memory.

A cutting-edge hands-free kit

Like most of parrot car kits, Parrot RK8200 too features one of the most progressive hands – free technologies such as automatic phonebook synchronization and TTS speech synthesis. These technologies permit you to make a call even without touching your phone. All you need to do is simply browse the list of contacts on the car stereo’s screen and say the names in the phonebook. When a call is received, music is automatically muted and the contacts name is displayed. At the end of the call, music will automatically switch back on. While on the other hand Parrot’s new DCBM (Dynamic Choice or Best Microphone) noise reduction technology provides crystal-clear, fully intelligible voice conversations.

Innovative user interface

A bright 2.4-inch TFT screen with 2, 62,144 colours, large rotary command button and a practical storage compartment located behind the front panel are truly some of the remarkable features of the RK8200’s user interface. The keypad sports an ergonomic, modern design, and the main commands are accessed by means of a sleek central rotary button.

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