Laptop Charger Adapter for Acer Series 19V 7.1A 135W


Earlier we all realized that how significant does the role laptop charger plays in our lives given the fact that we have become habituated using notebooks at every step now. And as discussed earlier that gadgets without chargers is like a food without ample salt.

Especially when it comes to laptops we all are conversant as to how rapidly do it loses power. Well with laptop charger adapter for Acer Series 19V 7.1A 135W you didn’t need to get anxious indeed!

Power-up your notebook with this amazing 135 Watt AC Adapter. The AC adapter converts AC power to the DC power required by the computer. What’s more it also lets you operate your system or charge your notebook’s battery from electrical power outlets. Offering 135 watts of power, this lightweight and easy-to-carry power adapter proves to be an optimized portable power source wherever you are at home, in remote office or on the road. For true simplicity, leave one AC Adapter at your desk and keep another in your carrying case for quick access.

The laptop charger adapter is compatible with almost all Acer notebooks. (Acer Travelmate and Acer Aspire)


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