Workouts not a big deal with Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Active Headphones S9


We saw Plantronics Pulsar 590A headphone but about Motorola which has been phenomenal in recent years in the electronics world. Motorola S9 is one of the active Bluetooth headphones available in the market as it is very compact and discreet.

The cutting edge Bluetooth technology assists Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Active Headphones S9 to offer wireless access to music and voice calls while you are on the move. Behind-the-head wearing style ensures top comfort and stability, with innovative and commendable music-call controls.

The stereo headphone is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled stereo music phones and with iPod players equipped with the TEN Technology naviPlay™ Bluetooth Stereo Adapter for iPod. The water and sweat resistant Motorola S9 is perfect wireless headwear for all the music aficionados. Your hardcore work outs become damn easy with Motorola S9 stereo headphone.

Glance at outstanding aspects

  • Hardly weighs one ounce ( Compact, Stylish and behind-the-head style)
  • Comfortable as it easily snug fit in the ear.
  • Works with all compatible Bluetooth-enabled phones.
  • Stream music from a compatible Bluetooth-enabled stereo music phone or from a compatible Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player. Bluetooth Stereo Adapter for iPod available (sold separately) to use with an iPod.
  • Long play time – up to six hours of play from a single charge.
  • Music mutes or pauses when calls come in and resumes once the call has ended.

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