Mobile Action Bluetooth USB Fone Data Suite MA700


We all love to be wirelessly connected through Bluetooth devices and Bluetooth USB Fone Data Suite dongle does exactly the same thing.

Versatile and accurate, this Bluetooth dongle makes you free from all the hassles of entangled wires and cables making mobile office and mobile fun possible. You can also transmit any data from PC, and net surfing with cell phone as wireless modem lot easier and with lots of more fun.

The design is also very praiseworthy with Bluetooth V1.1 and USB V1.1 compliant and the rate at which transfers data is also pretty impressive (723Kbps). The operating temperature ranges from 0° C ~ 40° C with communication distance about 10 metre in normal environment.

You can also send various formats of short messages like text, ringtone, graphic to supportive phones. File Manager Like the Windows Explorer, File Manager allows drag and drop file moving between cell and computer. A Bluetooth dongle, adapter or whatever you may call is worth possessing it at £13 approx.


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