Aliph Jawbone Headset – An Innovative design making your conversation far better


The new Aliph Jawbone bluetooth headset takes you a giant leap forward in the world of humanistic design by blending design with amazing class noise elimination science in the best manner. It features military-grade NoiseAssassin technology which eliminates all the surrounding noises such as busy streets, cars and airports, and blocks out up to ten times more noise energy than its closest competitor. Here are some of the outstanding aspects of this bluetooth headset.

Excellent Minimal Design

The Aliph Jawbone is a miracle of smaller design with both humanistic and minimal touch added to it. Can you believe it that this headset is fifty percent smaller than the original award-winning Jawbone.

Advanced Technologies

NoiseAssassin algorithms are used intuitively here as these algorithms use Jawbone’s two microphones and the VAS to accurately model the noise environment. Jawbone detects when and how a person is speaking, models the noise, and aggressively eliminates it.

Premium Materials

The headset is constructed with ultra-smooth medical-grade plastic with optional fine leather earloops.

Overall Experience

The new Jawbone comprises of an outer shield and inner surface. The outer shield, curved and rectilinear follows the face, is lightly textured in a sound-reflective progressive relief, a three-dimensional texture visually representative of noise abatement surfaces. The inner surface is gently curved to be ergonomic and comfortable on the skin.

Overall you cannot escape but a brilliant experience from this wonderful designed, highly advanced scientific Aliph Jawbone headset.


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