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Well ZAGG is now offering the invisibleSHIELD for G1 Android that can ensure firm protection of the expensive gadget. The invisibleSHIELD is a transparent and thin one perfectly matching the shape of every device and providing excellent protection ofcourse. As we know that the invisibleSHIELD has been used by the military to protect high-speed helicopter […]

Truckers are mostly found starved when it comes to GPS options. There are not many choices available for them for GPS navigation systems complemented with large screens. TeleType has proved itself adept at customising a product to solve their predicament by rolling out the WorldNav 7100 GPS navigation system. This GPS navigation system is completely […]

Bluetooth enabled cell phones users having AT&T network can now be benefited by instant news facility on their cell phone itself. SouthWing SH241 Bluetooth headset is the maestro behind this concept and it seems to be a tie up between SouthWing and AT&T network. Anyways you just simply need to press the preset Push4 button […]

Sony Ericsson new smartphone named Sony Ericsson Kate is rumoured to be a successor of the K750, an outstanding smartphone released in the year 2005. Kate will definitely fascinate all the CyberShot fans as it has got a superb 5 megapixel camera capable of capturing some brilliant pics. Besides the brilliant 5 megapixel, the smartphone […]

LG has introduced a new marvellous touchscreen phone that is quite reasonable in price but very powerful in features. It has got everything that a touchscreen phone has infact! Talking about the features this is what the management had to say: “The feedback we receive from consumers around the world indicate that there are more […]