Voice-activated SouthWing SH241 Bluetooth Headset brings news via AT&T network


Bluetooth enabled cell phones users having AT&T network can now be benefited by instant news facility on their cell phone itself. SouthWing SH241 Bluetooth headset is the maestro behind this concept and it seems to be a tie up between SouthWing and AT&T network. Anyways you just simply need to press the preset Push4 button of the SouthWing SH241 Bluetooth headset, there comes your way all the important information you are looking for via AT&T’s Voice-Info service.

The headset voice-activated menus make things easier for finding the news in reference to your hot and favourite area. Additionally, the VoiceInfo feature supports setting up wake-up calls and meeting reminders. Quite a times it can act as your life savour as well by articulating a phone call to let you out of those hobnobs an and boring meetings, simply activate the SH241 Bluetooth headset’s Instant Alibi feature to call you out of the meeting.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth headset compatibility: cell phones featuring Bluetooth 2.0, 1.2 and 1.1.
Battery life: 7 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time.
LED: Dual color light indicator with LED flash mode.
Voice dialling: with automatic call answer
Push4 button for direct access to a desired number.
Instant Alibi feature for artificial call

SH241 could be purchased from all AT&T stores for $39.99 (£ 24 approx)


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