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The Korean giant has not only succeeded in bringing some of the world’s most wonderful smartphones like Xperia X1 but also has been making a buzz when it comes to Bluetooth enabled watches. With MBW-150 men’s line up watches it has now followed with the new MBW-200 watch making justice towards the fairer sex as […]

We have always had a glimpse on the outstanding Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch MBW-150 Music Edition and now time to move on with yet another Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch Classic Edition. This is yet another commendable watch with Quartz movements and Bluetooth control. What’s more it comes equipped with an amazing Leather and OLED display. […]

I am always spellbound by the thrilling and exciting Bluetooth concepts. This time round it happened to be Original Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch MBW-150 Music Edition – one of the marvellous watches I have ever come across. Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch is a stylish musical gadget with brilliant placing of dedicated music buttons that allows […]

I know its bit astonishing when you read a title where in an umbrella word is used in conjunction with Bluetooth instead of rains! Well but then that’s the reality as more and more concept gadgets come into the picture. I bet this one is for the rain blasted urbanities. Mikhail Stawsky’s Bluetooth Umbrella concept […]