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Bluetooth enabled cell phones users having AT&T network can now be benefited by instant news facility on their cell phone itself. SouthWing SH241 Bluetooth headset is the maestro behind this concept and it seems to be a tie up between SouthWing and AT&T network. Anyways you just simply need to press the preset Push4 button […]

The new Aliph Jawbone bluetooth headset takes you a giant leap forward in the world of humanistic design by blending design with amazing class noise elimination science in the best manner. It features military-grade NoiseAssassin technology which eliminates all the surrounding noises such as busy streets, cars and airports, and blocks out up to ten […]

Well small and compact design is the need of an hour and that’s what Danish company NextLink have done with its Invisio G5 claimed to be the world’s smallest Bluetooth headsets. The bluetooth headset is so tiny that hardly anyone can observe that you are wearing one on your ear and yet it manages to […]

With Jabra bluetooth headsets you never actually feel that you are wearing anything in your ear and conversation moves on in an impeccable manner. Well this time round it’s behind-the-ear wearing style headset that provides the most comfortable and stable fit of them all. For all-day talk, the Jabra BT2020 offers the comfort and stability […]

When it comes to bluetooth headset Jabra, a frontrunner in providing excellent headsets always comes into the picture. One particular headset which has been the most popular of all times is Jabra bt250v. The Jabra BT250v builds on the award-winning design of the Jabra bt250v and comes in a distinctive new sleek black look to […]