LG has introduced a new marvellous touchscreen phone that is quite reasonable in price but very powerful in features. It has got everything that a touchscreen phone has infact!

Talking about the features this is what the management had to say: “The feedback we receive from consumers around the world indicate that there are more people who wish to try the latest touch screen phones,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “We want to reach out to this group and LG KP500 is our answer to deliver a high quality full touch screen phone that is easy to use and much easier to afford. Within reach of many consumers, we hope that more people will experience the joy of using the latest touch screen technology with LG KP500.”

The user interface makes LG KP500 very easy to operate and not to forget the special facility of speed dial technology that allows its users to dial a friend’s number simply by touching the friend’s photo attached to the phone book. Ranging from the Motion sensor technology for gamers to excellent virtual QWERTY keyboard the phone has got everything. Also it is equipped with a 3 mega pixel camera and other general functions.
The smartphone is available in four colors – black, vandyke brown, anodized silver and elegant gold colors. LG KP500 is expected to be available in Europe by the end of this month.


Gear4 BluEye is a special accessory meant for all the ipod users as it helps in providing endless connection between your mobile phone and your music gadget namely ipod.

With Bluetooth remote control headphone system you can listen and enjoy your kind of tunes, make and receive calls and also you can listen radio. What’s more you can view the mobile numbers for an incoming call on your iPod screen ofcourse and make your decision whether to accept it or reject it. Also BluEye will pause your tunes and alert you when you receive any incoming call!

It will alert you by a ‘beep’ in your headphones – no room for missing a call. There’s a powerful microphone too built into the BluEye, so there’s no need remove your headphones or go any where near your phone.

Features to watch our for

  • Make and receive calls on your iPod.
  • Plug’ n’ Play with most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.
  • Caller Number ID displayed on iPod screen.
  • Automatically pause and resume music for incoming calls.
  • Last 9 numbers redial from your iPod.
  • Voice dial when paired with supported Bluetooth phones.
  • 15 Preset and auto scan FM Radio.
  • Use your own headphones.
  • Uses power from your iPod.
  • Bluetooth 2.0.

The Korean giant has not only succeeded in bringing some of the world’s most wonderful smartphones like Xperia X1 but also has been making a buzz when it comes to Bluetooth enabled watches. With MBW-150 men’s line up watches it has now followed with the new MBW-200 watch making justice towards the fairer sex as well.

Sony Ericsson MBW-200 Bluetooth watch is especially designed for women available in three distinct styles namely Sparkling Allure, Contemporary Elegance and Evening Classic. Besides displaying time it will make sure that you never miss your calls as it shakes your wrist whenever any incoming calls or SMS/MMS or email is received. It displays every functionality on your watch’s beautiful small monochrome OLED display. More benefits for the Sony Ericsson music phones users as the dedicated music playback keys transform the watch into a remote control for the MP3 of the phone.

Speaking of styles, the Sparkling Allure style comes with a commendable design of a rose gold rim with crystal décor stones and rose gold hands with white fill on the face. The strap is white crocodile leather with a rose gold clasp. The Contemporary Elegance edition features a stainless steel band with a white face, while the Evening Classic sports a black leather band with a black face, perfect for any situation.

What’s more besides easy auto pairing it is water-resistant, allergy safe and scratch resistant face as well. The limitation of this watch being that it can work only with Sony Ericsson phones and probably with Windows Mobile phones and Symbian-powered smartphones. No information on pricing side yet though it is expected to release in Q4 2008.

In this fast moving era everyone wants information at a very fast rate indeed! Transferring data, content and many other applications in seconds is no more a fantasy as inventions like Bluetooth Dongle keep on flourishing and updating almost daily. One such dongle device is the beautifully designed Belkin Bluetooth V2.0 USB Adapter. This aesthetically designed piece of dongle is a tiny one but capable of performing that may actually not a cup of tea for even the giant of the devices.

Belkin USB Adapter adds tremendous Bluetooth wireless capabilities to your notebook and desktop PC by providing a boost up connection without the complicated wires around you. You can connect with endless Bluetooth enabled devices such as PDA’s, Bluetooth phones and other similar kind of gadgets. All you need to do is simply plug in the Adapter into the USB port of your computer and connect to your cell phones, printers, PDAs, or other computers enabled with Bluetooth technology.

By providing connection to various devices it offers you many applications such as easy access to the internet and your email, print documents, transfer files and contact information, and much more. Ideal for home, office and infact any place.

Technical Features

  • Cable-free connections to devised up to 100 metres away.
  • Works easily with Bluetooth v1.1-, 1.2- and 2.0-compliant devices.
  • Fast pairing time (3.5 – 5 seconds).
  • Low power consumption.

Quick connection times, enhanced voice and multimedia quality, greater Wi-Fi environments, and up to three-times-faster data-transfer speeds are some of the other brilliant features to watch out for in Belkin USB Adapter.

Google undoubtedly the world’s best search engine has much more up its sleeve to offer. Yesterday was a big day for Google as along with HTC it launched the much anticipated T-Mobile Dream G1 smartphone. It becomes the first commercial phone ever which is powered by Google’s Android and built by HTC while commercialized by T-Mobile for a reasonable price.

You will certainly feel like heaven carrying this marvel smartphone capable of performing exceptional functions. Already comparisons with iPhone have been started but G1 misses out on the design and looks side for sure. But Android software is commendable and finally it seems there is a sigh of relief for all those who were desperately waiting for this phone.

Here are the features of G1 explained in detail

Design and Display

The T-Mobile G1 is a touch-screen and also a QWERTY phone with a decent trackball that looks much like what newer Blackberry phones have. The display with 640×320 resolution certainly makes the screen look soothing to the eyes.


G1 offers 5 hours of talk time and 130 hours of standby time which is pretty reasonable indeed!

GPS and Memory

Also G1 comes with an inbuilt-GPS and 1GB inbuilt memory capable of expanding upto 8GB through flashcard. The G1 is available in black, white, and brown version.

User interface and other options

The user interface looks very slick and looks more like what you can find on a modern desktop operating system. Hey but you must have a Google account to use the phone. On the e-mail side there is a GMail client and a generic POP/IMAP client.

Overall a worth possessing phone with a perfect combination of functions and Android operating system.

The new Aliph Jawbone bluetooth headset takes you a giant leap forward in the world of humanistic design by blending design with amazing class noise elimination science in the best manner. It features military-grade NoiseAssassin technology which eliminates all the surrounding noises such as busy streets, cars and airports, and blocks out up to ten times more noise energy than its closest competitor. Here are some of the outstanding aspects of this bluetooth headset.

Excellent Minimal Design

The Aliph Jawbone is a miracle of smaller design with both humanistic and minimal touch added to it. Can you believe it that this headset is fifty percent smaller than the original award-winning Jawbone.

Advanced Technologies

NoiseAssassin algorithms are used intuitively here as these algorithms use Jawbone’s two microphones and the VAS to accurately model the noise environment. Jawbone detects when and how a person is speaking, models the noise, and aggressively eliminates it.

Premium Materials

The headset is constructed with ultra-smooth medical-grade plastic with optional fine leather earloops.

Overall Experience

The new Jawbone comprises of an outer shield and inner surface. The outer shield, curved and rectilinear follows the face, is lightly textured in a sound-reflective progressive relief, a three-dimensional texture visually representative of noise abatement surfaces. The inner surface is gently curved to be ergonomic and comfortable on the skin.

Overall you cannot escape but a brilliant experience from this wonderful designed, highly advanced scientific Aliph Jawbone headset.

We all are very well conversant about the exceptional capabilities of TomTom GPS Receiver. GPS receiver utilizes Bluetooth technology pretty smartly purging the need for connecting messy cables, and a high performance GPS antenna ensuring the best possible reception wherever you go indeed!

TomTom Bluetooth GPS Receiver is such high quality receiver suitable for use in urban environments. The Receiver will make sure that you find your way with ease whether you are on the road or walking on the streets. What’s more the best part being that it can be composed to work with a variety of Pocket PC, Palm devices and Smart mobile phones. Also the GPS receiver has a pretty high capacity battery that lasts up to 5 hours on a single charge.

Features to watch out for

  • Small and lightweight makes it easy to carry.
  • Portability is excellent as it can be used with ease in the car, or for that sake in your bag or pocket for use on bike or on foot
  • Integrated GPS receiver based on SiRF Star III with 20 Channel All-in-view tracking.

Technical Specs

  • Size: 87.8 x 43.0 x 15.1 mm.
  • Weight: 68g.
  • Battery: 1200mAh Lithium Ion Cell.
  • Battery Life: 10 Hours.
  • Charge Time: < 4 Hours.
  • Chip Set: SiRF Star III.
  • Channels: 20 channel all-in-view tracking.
  • Cold Start: < 1 Min.
  • Warm Start: < 30 seconds.
  • Hot Start: < 10 seconds.