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Truckers are mostly found starved when it comes to GPS options. There are not many choices available for them for GPS navigation systems complemented with large screens. TeleType has proved itself adept at customising a product to solve their predicament by rolling out the WorldNav 7100 GPS navigation system. This GPS navigation system is completely […]

After exploring some of the fantastic gadgets such as Bluetooth headsets, car kits, high-end smartphones time to move on the road side. I know “Road side” might have made you think about those luxurious and exuberant prices tagged cars, isn’t it? Well pretty much close but indeed it’s a device that will show you the […]

There is one way one can feel heaven on this earth by feeling the immense turnaround in the technology world and upcoming wonders which can refresh your mind and body too! Aha absolutely everyone knows how dramatically the Mobile World has changed and the proportion of our time spent by us on these wonders indeed! […]